Plants belonging to certain species of succulents are subject to special regulations, enunciated by the ‘Convention on Trade in Species of Animals and Plants of Wild Fauna and Flora,’ or CITES for short, whereby anyone (whether a dealer, nurseryman, or free citizen) who disposes of such plants in any capacity must observe the rules expressed in the convention. Otherwise, there is a risk of incurring heavy fines and/or criminal penalties.

The official list of species covered by this convention is available at: list of animal and plant species included in cites.


Dichiarazione di conformità alla vendita di piante CITES

Clausola ad accettazione tacita per partecipare alla Festa del Cactus.

anyone who participates in the Festa del Cactus for the purpose of offering for any reason (sale, exchange, gift) plants and seeds subject to CITES regulation declares, under his or her full responsibility:
1. to know and comply with the Community regulation (EC REG No. 338/1997 and subsequent additions and amendments) regarding the trade in plants belonging to species included in the Washington Convention (CITES), as well as with the relevant Italian regulations (Law No. 150/92 and subsequent additions and amendments) and to be in compliance with all related legal requirements;
2. to assume all responsibility with respect to any violations of applicable regulations that may be committed;
3. to release the organizing committee of this event from any liability resulting from its possible failures.