Tam a person of many (and multiple) passions, and every now and then I like to try to combine them.
So when, after a few years of self-taught practice with needles and crochet hooks, I became familiar enough with the technique to reinvent classic textbook patterns, it was quite natural to think, “What if I tried reproducing my beloved cacti with wool and cotton?”
The results of my experiments have also met with great success among friends and acquaintances who have often commissioned a few specimens for small gifts.
It is satisfying to watch them take shape, to stuff them, to choose flower and jar to match, whether they are ‘botanically correct’ pieces or have alien shapes and colorations. On the other hand, if there is one thing I have learned in years of loving cacti, it is precisely that they will never cease to surprise me with their incredible variety!
The materials I use are cotton and acrylic yarns, while for stuffing I use non-toxic polyester fiber also used for stuffing children’s stuffed animals.

Martina Pelosi

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