Simone on the dunesTy name is Gabriele, born in charming Grosseto in 1992.
I started growing succulents a few days after my 18th birthday, intrigued by a photo I found on the Web that made me realize that they are not “round, spiny, and all the same,” but that they have a multitude of shapes and sizes that I never expected and that growing them would be worth it. The first sowings started just a few months later.
Cactus&Co. forum membership. and participation in a few floricultural events allowed me to fit into the niche society of cactophiles, soon making me known for my experiments and sowings.
I currently grow mainly cacti, succulents, and bulbous plants, but my focus is more generally on all plants that I think are bizarre or interesting in some way, including carnivorous plants, araceae, orchids, and other curiosities.


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Perché la Mascotte?

La Festa del Cactus elegge MASCOTTE tra le persone che mostrano una particolare predilezione per un tipo di succulenta poco o per nulla diffusa sul mercato.

Alle mascotte è data la possibilità di cedere i propri esuberi in cambio di una modesta offerta in denaro o mediante scambio.


Production from seed and cuttings of Haworthia botanical species with provenance data.