Ffter collecting cacti for a few years, I shifted my interest to other succulents in the early 1980s. I remember my first plants very well: Euphorbia balsamifera and Simarouba sp. (now known as Beiselia mexicana).

After my first trip to Kenya in 1986, I founded Mbuyu, a nursery specializing in the succulent plants of that country. For 29 years I conducted the nursery part-time, and since 2015 this has become my main activity.

Mbuyu is the Swahili name for Baobab(Adansonia digitata). But Mbuyu also refers to old things and elders with a lot of experience and wisdom. I hope to have both.

In addition to the plant trade, I am involved in organizing habitat trips to visit the succulent paradise of Kenya.

It is a real pleasure for me to participate in the BoCF.


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