Jiři Maroušek is an experienced Czech grower of plants in the genus Sinningia, flowering gesneriaceae that he produces from seed.

From his site we report some information about these plants:

“Sinningia is a genus of plants in the family Gesneriaceae that includes about 75 species in Central and South America, with the greatest concentration in eastern and southern Brazil.
They are herbaceous and shrubby perennial plants that grow from an underground tuber or rhizome from which epigeal, annual stems sprout. Some species are cold-hardy. The stem is erect or prostrate, with petiolate, oblong, lanceolate or round leaves arranged in spirals. Sometimes the leaves grow directly from the tuber, borne by a very shortened stem. The inflorescences are spikes or clusters.
Sinningia plants grow mainly in half-shade positions on rocky soils, or as epiphytes. In some cases in meadows and glades, exposed to full sun.”

Jiři Maroušek


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