The world of ‘leafy’ succulents as they are known (to distinguish them from cacti, generally referred to as ‘thorny succulents’) includes thousands of species, but the young Spanish nursery Succulovers has specialized in a shortlist of a few genera that have become very popular due to numerous species and varieties of great ornamental interest.

They are all crassulaceae: Aeonium, Pachyphytum, Crassula, Dudleya and others, but above all. Echeveria, the genus with the largest number of species and cultivars, and on which hybridizers around the world have indulged to create truly fascinating forms.

Succulovers offers hundreds of different types of this genus including botanical species, Korean hybrids, variegated, monstrous, and carunculate forms.

Very interesting is the section of new hybrids that have just come on the market and are of great commercial value, to which they always add new items.

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