Festa del Cactus

Bologna, Via G. Dozza 24

XIX edizione

20, 21 & 22 settembre 2024



Social Cactus is the place dedicated to people, groups and associations who wish to offer their free contribution to the sharing of knowledge about succulent plants, their cultivation or, simply, the pleasure of being together, making friends or falling in love.

FdC Topic ’24 – Ferocactus

20 September | 09:00 - 22 September | 19:00



Ticket purchase and reservation2022-08-24T21:42:11+02:00

Admission tickets are available for sale only at the box office located at the entrance of the event. Reservation is not possible.

Defective products2024-06-17T07:37:46+02:00

Although very infrequently, it has happened in the past that some visitors have purchased plants that were healthy at first glance but upon closer examination were found to be attacked by rot, disease or pests when they returned home.

Given that there has been no shortage of expressions of disappointment, if not outright criticism accompanied by accusations against the organization of the Festa del Cactus that Does not provide verification of the quality of products offered by merchants during the event, we would like to point out that those who offer the plants. firstly, and who buys the plants in secundis are solely responsible for the buying and selling implemented as part of the Festa del Cactus.

For this reason, this organization, while making rigorous choices on the traders allowed to participate in its event to ensure a first-rate offer, declines any responsibility regarding the quality of the products offered by the nurserymen participating in the Festa del Cactus.

According to the principle whereby No merchant purposely implements the sale of deteriorated products, we believe that such occurrences take place quite unintentionally. For this reason, we invite kind visitors intending to purchase products offered at the Festa del Cactus to observe the following conduct:

  1. Carefully evaluate the quality of the chosen product before purchasing it;
  2. In case a problem occurs with the purchased product, please contact the merchant during the event to ask for a replacement or refund;
  3. In the event of a late finding of the problem after the conclusion of the event, contact the dealer through his or her references, if any, on the presentation sheet posted on this site.
Access for the elderly and children2022-08-24T21:46:52+02:00

• People under the age of 12 and over 70 have free access to the event.

Park cars, RVs, buses2022-08-17T21:22:40+02:00

The Festa del Cactus enjoys a large parking lot where hundreds of vehicles of all sizes and types can be accommodated. No camping is allowed.

In case of rain2022-08-24T21:54:02+02:00

Being organized indoors, the exhibition will be held even in case of bad weather.

In case, it is suggested to provide an umbrella to protect oneself when it is necessary to wait in line to enter the event.

Access to the exhibition after hours2022-08-17T21:22:38+02:00

Due to legal and insurance issues, visitors are allowed to enter the event area only during the scheduled hours after purchasing the entrance voucher (ticket). Anyone trespassing during set-up, during closing hours and during demobilization of the event will be removed from the area immediately, unless more serious conditions are apparent, liable to be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Animals in tow2022-08-18T19:42:10+02:00

Visitors can enter the event with their pets. Inside the exhibition area, please keep dogs on a leash.



Once the tables have been set up for sale, the exhibitor is asked not to make block sales of the plants on display, especially the rarest and most sought-after plants, until the last day of the event (Sunday at 12 noon). Those who want to conduct wholesale business are, of course, free to make advance arrangements with their customers, making any transactions outside the event.

Lophophora williamsii2022-08-20T14:08:15+02:00

Under Italian law, both the hallucinogenic alkaloid mescaline and the plants of Lophophora williamsii (commonly called ‘peyote’) that contain it are listed on List 1 of narcotic substances, so living, dried specimens and/or their parts belonging to this species are not allowed to be possessed and sold throughout the Italian teritory. Those who do so are liable to be prosecuted pecuniarily and criminally for possession and distribution of drugs.

The organizing committee of the Festa del Cactus assumes no responsibility for the failure of anyone to comply with this prohibition by offering live or dried Lophophora williamsii plants and/or their parts in any capacity as part of the event.

Since the law does not admit ignorance, it is good to know that any kind of Lophophora other than L. williamsii (such as. Lophophora jourdaniana, L. koehresii, L. caroli-veitchii, etc. …) may fall into synonymy with L. williamsii and thus indict its possessor, especially in light of the fact that indictment is usually subsequent to chemical analysis of the plants seized as a precautionary measure, which can actually confirm the presence of mescaline.

The buying and selling of fresh and/or dried fruits and seeds of Lophophora williamsii is absolutely free.


Plants belonging to certain species of succulents are subject to special regulations, enunciated by the ‘Convention on Trade in Species of Animals and Plants of Wild Fauna and Flora,’ or CITES for short, whereby anyone (whether a dealer, nurseryman, or free citizen) who disposes of such plants in any capacity must observe the rules expressed in the convention. Otherwise, there is a risk of incurring heavy fines and/or criminal penalties.

The official list of species covered by this convention is available at: list of animal and plant species included in cites.


Dichiarazione di conformità alla vendita di piante CITES

Clausola ad accettazione tacita per partecipare alla Festa del Cactus.

anyone who participates in the Festa del Cactus for the purpose of offering for any reason (sale, exchange, gift) plants and seeds subject to CITES regulation declares, under his or her full responsibility:
1. to know and comply with the Community regulation (EC REG No. 338/1997 and subsequent additions and amendments) regarding the trade in plants belonging to species included in the Washington Convention (CITES), as well as with the relevant Italian regulations (Law No. 150/92 and subsequent additions and amendments) and to be in compliance with all related legal requirements;
2. to assume all responsibility with respect to any violations of applicable regulations that may be committed;
3. to release the organizing committee of this event from any liability resulting from its possible failures.

Theft and damage2022-08-17T21:22:37+02:00

In past editions, it has sometimes happened that exhibitors have suffered thefts, especially of particularly rare and expensive small plant specimens. It is recommended that you prepare your display as best you can by keeping, as far as possible, the most minute and sought-after specimens away from the easy grasp of the unwary.

Collaboration among vendors is key to curbing theft: we keep an eye on our own products, but occasionally take a look at a neighbor’s stall, especially if he is alone at his store.

If we suffer a theft, it is important to notify the organization right away, and they will notify everyone present of the incident: if the evildoer feels hunted, perhaps he will do less damage.

During closing hours, the presence of security personnel is guaranteed, so the sales area is not accessible. In cases of absolute necessity please notify this organization to allow extraordinary access of authorized persons.

It is reminded that night watch services are arranged in order to avert the introduction of people who may commit theft and damage. However, this organization disclaims all civil and criminal liability for any damages implemented by third parties despite the presence of supervision.

Setup and disassembly2022-08-17T21:22:39+02:00

The setting up of one’s sales space is scheduled for Friday from 7 a.m. and must end at 3 p.m.

Throughout Friday morning, the entrance to the area will be guarded by a guard. Vigilance will resume on Friday and Saturday evenings.

If there is a real need, it is also possible to set up your space the day before the opening, however since there is no night security service there is a risk of theft or damage to materials left in the event area on that date.

The dismantling of the exhibition may take place on Sunday starting from the official closing time of the event, which is 7 p.m.



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