Festa del Cactus is enriched with a new category of ‘small exhibitors’: the FdC MASCOTTEs.

Let us make it clear at the outset that the MASCOTTE are not hobbyists who supplement their salaries by attending the numerous redundancies markets organized here and there around Italy, but people who have dedicated years to the cultivation of a particular category of succulent plants, succeeding in the feat of reproducing types that are difficult to find on the market, such as: species very rare and difficult to grow, or genera of plants of little commercial interest or, again, plants with reliable location data.

This is an important choice that we arrived at after discussions with ‘professional’ exhibitors and following some positive past experiences. These very experiences convinced us to ‘formalize’ this position made recognizable by the symbol of the young cactus.

The selection of mascots is very careful as it is meant to be a recognition for those who have a strong passion for these plants and, at the same time, a spur to make a choice true the actual nursery profession.

The mascots of this edition