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Nathan Olsen

Nathan is a digital creative living in Clearfiled, Utah (USA). His passion for cacti often conditions the choices he makes in creating images made [...]

2023-09-12T11:02:31+02:0012 September, 2023|

What’s new in Luboš

Luboš is currently one of Europe's leading experts in the artificial breeding of extremely rare succulent plant species. His work is of great importance [...]

2023-09-01T11:04:51+02:0018 August, 2023|

Jiři Maroušek is an experienced Czech grower of plants in the genus Sinningia, flowering gesneriaceae that he produces from seed. From his site we [...]

2023-08-16T17:07:36+02:0016 August, 2023|

Gerrit Melissen

GGerrit is a keen Dutch collector cactus grower, with a fondness for the genus Astrophytum and its hybrids. Gerrit Melissen Korenmolen 9, 3738 WL [...]

2023-08-14T21:16:27+02:0014 August, 2023|


Small family-run nursery founded by Silvia De Pretto, specializing in the breeding and cultivation of numerous Hoya species, including many unusual, peculiar and rare ones.Hoyas [...]

2023-09-01T11:04:51+02:0017 July, 2023|Tags: |
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