The Cactus Festival is hosted at the Freedom Memorial Museum, a place where this event began in 2006 and where the first, memorable editions were celebrated until the year 2012.

The choice of this ‘return to basics’ can be read in many different ways. On the one hand there is the willingness of the ownership of the Museum to resume a long shared path, on the other hand there is the inadequacy of the spaces we have occupied in recent years, which are very beautiful from a landscape point of view but totally conditioned by the risk of bad weather that would have compromised the outcomes.

The logistical factor is a major issue: the Freedom Memorial Museum is extremely easy to reach, equipped with ample parking for cars and buses, served by public transportation that reaches its entrance with frequent runs at all hours of the day and night.

Last but not least is the issue concerning the new Covid-19. The exhibition area is really large, allowing for optimal space management among exhibitors, such as to prevent conditions of forced assemblage. Of course, we will rely on the politeness and courtesy of visitors to avoid the formation of groups of people.

Getting there

The exact address is via Giuseppe Dozza 24, 40139 Bologna.

By public transportation

BUS Line 19, ‘Cedar Park’ stop.

TRAINS It is possible to arrive at San Lazzaro di Savena station. In the square in front of the station, take bus 19C to the ‘Cedar Park’ stop