Tracking up a day at the Festa del Cactus may necessitate a few refreshment breaks for a snack or coffee, which are always available at two mobile food service establishments within the event.

Visitors will be able to choose from the classic menu of Gustavo based on piadina romagnola, or the gourmet sandwiches from Andrea, specializing in vegetarian and vegan recipes made from vegetables he personally produces entirely organically (the only exception: the typical Bolognese sandwich with the best quality mortadella in existence).


From our Garden right on the truck, every day Namà offers tasty offerings of gourmet sandwiches and poke bowls with the produce of the earth, grown consciously without chemical additives.

Andrea's Garden

Andrea’s vegetable garden is the result of a careful study of conscious and all-natural agriculture, with total respect for the environment and our health in the absence of chemicals.

Product quality control is a fundamental preamble to a demanding kitchen.

There will never be more scrupulous control than following the product from seed to harvest.

All the work produced in the garden is found in the incomparable taste of our vegetables and fruits, which we offer at retail or in convenient crates, after picking them from the ground or from the tree.

Andrea’s garden produce is available for purchase at the production site from May through September by calling two days in advance.

We are on the road in Emilia-Romagna, but, if you follow us on social you will know, always where to find us! On Instagram or Facebook, you can easily communicate with us, ask for information, make a reservation. We will always be ready to respond to you!

Nama Snc

Tel. (cell) 375 5621561

Joy and Gustavus

The artisanal piadinas and sandwiches of Gioia and Gustavo are nothing new to Festa del Cactus, which hosted them often during the first editions.

Our audience will appreciate their friendliness and the exquisite taste of their product, which often invites multiple tastings from more than one of their many loyal customers.