A nd we are now at 14 editions for an event that is still young, little more than a teenager, but which is seeing a growing participation that even reaches the anitipods of the planet, thanks to the presence of our friend Tadayoshi Kono who comes from Tokyo to offer some rarities to our audience.

Strong is the growth of our Social Cactus space, which is occupying the heart of the event in every sense constituting an Agora for those who pass through our gates. A true gathering space central to the exhibition, it also houses the associative realities that flourish throughout the country.


The extraordinary guest of the SocialCactus space was theItalian Hoya Association, in the persons of its founders Giulia, Rita and Toti, who brought us a special guest: scholar Toryll Nihuus from Sweden, who gave the genus enthusiasts a taste of images of these wonderful plants in their natural habitats.

The presence of this association at the Cactus Festival, as well as at the events we organized in Milis and Rome under the name Kaktos, is to be included in our desire to support the spread of new types of succulents among Italian enthusiasts.