Handling of products on display

Given the impossibility of sanitizing the plants on display, their handling by customers should be avoided unless they are certain of their purchase.

2022-08-18T20:08:56+02:0018 August, 2022|

Use of the mask

Although it is not compulsory to wear a mask, its use is especially recommended in the vicinity of other people.

2022-08-17T21:22:38+02:0010 July, 2021|

Use of exhibition areas

To ensure maximum spacing between visitors, all exhibitors dealing with succulent plants are placed in the outdoor areas. Covered areas are for the exclusive use [...]

2022-08-17T21:22:39+02:0021 July, 2020|


The exhibition is organized outdoors to ensure optimal spacing between visitors with ample space between tables for exhibitors, associations and groups of people to gather, [...]

2022-08-17T21:22:38+02:0021 July, 2020|


Once the tables have been set up for sale, the exhibitor is asked not to make block sales of the plants on display, especially the [...]

2024-06-17T07:37:41+02:0014 July, 2018|

Defective products

Although very infrequently, it has happened in the past that some visitors have purchased plants that were healthy at first glance but upon closer examination [...]

2024-06-17T07:37:46+02:0017 August, 2017|

Lophophora williamsii

Under Italian law, both the hallucinogenic alkaloid mescaline and the plants of Lophophora williamsii (commonly called 'peyote') that contain it are listed on List 1 [...]

2022-08-20T14:08:15+02:003 August, 2017|


Plants belonging to certain species of succulents are subject to special regulations, enunciated by the 'Convention on Trade in Species of Animals and Plants of [...]

2022-08-18T21:13:08+02:003 August, 2017|

Theft and damage

In past editions, it has sometimes happened that exhibitors have suffered thefts, especially of particularly rare and expensive small plant specimens. It is recommended that [...]

2022-08-17T21:22:37+02:003 August, 2017|
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