Iixteenth edition of Festa del Cactus. More obligations, rules and controls, but also less anxiety for an edition that sees the return of many exhibitors who were kept at home in 2019 by the strict rules against the spread of the pandemic.

New for this edition is the relocation of the exhibition spaces ‘indoors’: to avoid any hassle caused by bad weather, the sale is set up under the large canopy of the greenhouse, which, deprived of the external bulkheads, enjoys an excellent exchange of fresh air and, above all, abundant light to give visibility to the products on display.

The supply of plants of excellent quality and workmanship is as high as it gets, aided by the inability of the vendors to take part in other events in the previous months, so the satisfaction of the vendors and the wide customer base expressed on social media is high.

The venue of the event, which from 2019 is hosted at the Freedom Memorial Museum can be considered largely broken in and is confirmed as the best choice, also due to the ample parking and to the perfect location to be reached by any means without any difficulty.

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